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Slip Ring Repair Services

Design, Repair, and Upgrade

Smith Services provides a comprehensive suite of capabilities for the manufacture, repair, and installation of aftermarket and OEM slip rings. Whether the need is for on-site technical support or repairs in our shop, our experts can evaluate the problem and offer a slip ring solution for virtually any size synchronous motor for a variety of applications.

Smith Services core competencies include:

  • Slip ring expertise for motors up to 1800 rpm for a variety of industries including: pulp and paper, metals, petrochemical, and other heavy industries
  • Engineering services to evaluate slip ring geometry and material to increase the service life of your equipment
  • Brush and brush rigging upgrades to optimize motor operation and improve the life cycle of the wearable components for your specific application
  • Servicing a comprehensive installed product base ranging from 8" OD to 20" OD

Benefits of our slip ring design:

  • Manufactured with non-porous, oil and chemical resistant insulation for easier cleanup and to prevent deterioration from water intrusion
  • Built with a split design that allows the collector ring assembly and sub components to be serviceable in place for easier and more timely maintenance
  • Our slip ring assembly incorporates surge protection in the event of an electrical overload
We are staffed with professionals that have an extensive knowledge of industrial electric motor repair from fractional to multi-thousand horsepower.
Smith Services, a Timken brand, is one of the largest motor service organizations in the United States.