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Smith Services, a Timken brand, is one of the largest motor service organizations in the United States.


With an extensive range of industrial equipment on-hand at our facility, Smith Services is well-prepared to address a wide range of client needs in industrial electric motor repair.

Equipment Investment Measures ROI in Terms of Capabilities and Service

At 180,000 square feet, the Smith Services facility of Timken Power Systems is one of the largest repair facilities under one roof in the Mid-Atlantic Region. With this infrastructure, we are equipped to handle virtually any size motor, with specialization in the repair and overhaul of large industrial motors and generators – 5,000 horsepower or more. Smith Services has never been in a better position to offer world-class products and services to our customers than we are right now.

The impressive capabilities of this site are further evidence that, at TPS, investment in ourselves is investment in our customers. In other words, we put our money where our mouth is when it comes to developing the most comprehensive drivetrain service offering in industry.

Investments in service center excellence include:

  • Isolated disassembly/reassembly areas to ensure cleanliness of motors and gearboxes
  • Full-speed, instrumented test beds
  • Five automated VPI systems up to 12 ft. diameter
  • Dynamometers up to 2500 HP on load test centers
  • Testing capabilities up to 13,800 volt @ 126 amps
  • Three char ovens up to 12 ft. wide
  • Four balance stands up to 30,000 lbs.
  • Bridge cranes (26) up to 100 ton, 42 ft. under hook
  • Fourteen machine lathes from 18 ft. to 96 ft. swing
  • Three mills with up to 10 ft. long beds
  • Three horizontal presses ranging to 600 ton
  • In-house Babbitt bearing repair (both spin cast and static pour)
  • In-house coil manufacture AC (≥7200V) and DC (≥750V)
  • Ultrasonic testing capabilities
  • Instrumented vibration analysis
  • MCE (Motor Circuit Evaluation) testing
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
  • Equipment calibrated for maximum accuracy
  • Faro Laser System for precision measurements
  • Electrical and mechanical engineers on staff
  • Complete suite of Onsite Technical Services (OTS)
  • Vantage Laser and Target capable of precision measurements out to 200 ft. accurate to .0002 ft. at 20 ft.